Composite Bouquets

I have to confess I may have a slight addiction to Pinterest. It’s true.

Along with my love for weddings and flowers, in my spare time I really enjoy crafting and I looooooooove baking. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for finding all sorts of fun projects! Anyway over the last several months I have noticed something popping up a lot… composite bouquets! Now this isn’t a NEW concept, it actually dates back to the early 20th century, but recently it has been regaining popularity.


Rose and decorative kale composite flower

So what is a composite bouquet? It is oodles and oodles of petals individually wired together to create one big, beautiful bloom. It is simple. It is dramatic. It is sophisticated. People look and wonder, “What kind of flower is THAT?” They haven’t seen anything like it before. It looks like the biggest, most ruffley, most MARVELOUS bloom you have ever set eyes on.

Creative red composite bouquet

Sounds amazing doesn’t it?

Well – there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. First of all, simple doesn’t always equal inexpensive. This bouquet basically looks like just one giant flower… so it should be cheap, right? Wrong. Remember how I mentioned those petals are all individually wired… that takes time. Petals are delicate so they have to be handled gently and a lot of petals are required to create this look. That being said, another thing you will want to keep in mind is who you hire to create this look. Creating this style of bouquet will require a certain skill level that not every florist will have. You will want to ask your florist about their experience and/or education as a designer and bonus points if they have designed this style before! One last thing – being that the petals are wired they obviously don’t have a water source, which means they won’t last as long as flowers that are able to drink. Depending on the type of petals used they may not last super long, especially it high heat. If your wedding is in one of the hottest months of the summer, this may not be the best option for you or you may end up with a bouquet made up of limp, lifeless petals.

Stunning white composite bouquet

Stunning white composite bouquet

Please do not let these notices alarm you, they are just things to keep in consideration if you are in love with this bouquet.  While they do have a few quirks, I really feel that it just makes them even more extraordinary. It is the reason that not everyone does them, which makes them all the more special and unique. It is the extra love that gets put into making them that makes them so spectacular. It is the fact that they don’t last forever that makes them all the more breathtaking and magnificent.

The best thing I can compare this to is fine dining. There is less food on your plate, but you are paying a premium price for an experience. They are using the freshest ingredients. A talented chef has not only made your meal with love, but has also artfully displayed it on your plate. The waiter is knowledgeable and the service is impeccable. And the wine… you KNOW the wine is going to be amazing. Everything is of the highest quality. It isn’t for every day, but every once in a while it is good to indulge on something that makes you feel amazing. If not on your wedding day, then when?

Stunning composite rose with a collar of nerine lilies

Stunning composite rose with a collar of nerine lilies


2 thoughts on “Composite Bouquets

  1. Very nice! Do you do chair an table cloth covering rentals too? Or do you have a connection for that?

    • I do SOME rentals (mostly vases, flower related items), but I certainly have a couple contacts for rental companies for linens and chair covers and whatnot. There is Heather at Green County Rentals who is super helpful and has a ton of stuff ( or Special Event Rentals just opened up in Red Deer and have awesome items (

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