Pinterest Challenge

photo3As I mentioned in my last post I do have a slight addiction to Pinterest. I have found so many different craft ideas, recipes, flower inspiration, sewing projects as well as fun activities for kids for when my little guy gets big enough. Well it is easy to get carried away pinning… and then never actually do anything with them. I go through my wedding inspiration pins frequently to show brides an idea I saw, or to explain a spin-off on a bouquet I liked or whatever and I have also actually made a fair amount of recipes off of pinterest. However! When it comes to my crafting I have barely done ANY of them. Life has been busy! I have a 7.5 month old little guy who keeps me on my toes, meeting with brides and putting together estimates, working on improving my business, spending time with family, trying to make an effort keeping up with house work and keep everyone fed, showering, periodically shaving my legs… and somehow crafting has been put on the back burner. Truth be told, making crafts ISN’T a super high priority, but I am a firm believer in women still having a little “me” time, whatever that looks like. Whether it be taking a walk, going to the gym, taking a hot bath, going to the spa… whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed and gives you a little time where you aren’t worrying about everyone else for a moment and just do what makes you happy.

pinterestThat all being said, I took a moment and was scrolling through my craftiness board on pinterest (which you can check out HERE) and I really do have a whole bunch of awesome projects that are just begging to be made. It is time to start making some! But then I thought well… May long is coming up soon and we’ll be out camping for several days, and I’m going to be planting my garden soon so that will eat up some time, and then we are moving in June so that will be a lot of work, and then it will be wedding months and I’ll be busy doing flowers, and and AND.

So then I thought, what if I made a commitment to crafting. Life is always going to be busy and there is always going to be things on the go and if I don’t just start SOMEWHERE it won’t happen. What if I committed to doing so many projects within a time frame… and then took it from there? Lets be honest, it is always easier to stick to your commitments if you have someone to hold you accountable… so I have decided to start my own PINTEREST CHALLENGE.

photo2My goal is to complete 6 projects per month (and blog 4/month) for the next 3 months. My posts will share the process of completing the craft, the difficulty level, what the price was like, how time consuming and what the results were like… because let’s be honest we have all seen the photos of pinterest fails. I encourage you guys to try it too! Take a look through what you have been pinning and try out that cookie recipe, do that arm toning work out and make that glitter play dough for your little one! I’d love for this to be as interactive as possible, so should anyone want to also take the challenge I would love to have some guest bloggers with their results and even encourage your feed back. If there is a project you want to see me make comment and let me know or fire me an email. Let the crafting begin!



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